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Fall 2014: Front Row Flash
[above: At Miu Miu with Adèle Exarchopoulos, Léa Seydoux, Margot Robbie, Lupita Nyong’o, Elizabeth Olsen and Bella Heathcote.]
Click! Click! Flash! Flash! Hear that sound? That’s the soundtrack of the front row, the buzzy overture that plays before the designer’s vision is finally unveiled. For More
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The Roots, 1995 

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theultraintrovert asked: Can u direct me to anything about gambino and the anti black things he's said? and about black women?









Lyrics to his song Not Going Back

Dirty girls love my dick, they’re cock roaches

Jewish girls eat my meat, its not kosher

Relax black chick, I think I have offended thee

got nothing against the sistas, i just don’t think they’re into me

i am not a thug; AKA what they pretend to be

I am just myself; AKA my worst enemy

He always talks about dating the “black girls of every culture" but never has he talked about dating black girls

He’s constantly expressed fetishes for women of other ethnicities

Take his song You See Me talking about Asian girls, Latinas, etc and never black women

He’s talked him having sex with an Armenian Girl where she told him “Give me that n word dick” and he said he came so hard or some shit (don’t have a link for that but it was in his comedy central special)

And I think it was in the same stand up where he said white people should start saying the n word

And there’s other stuff too but I can’t remember them all plus i gotta take a test and it closes at 5 so I gotta maybe study a bit cuz I ain’t studied at all

That’s that shit where I look at him funny. I still love him and for the most part I think he’s joking but saying shit like that is detrimental.

watch this

start at 4:32

"I think he’s joking"

Let a Black Woman say even half of what he’s said in “jokes” and watch all the Black men come out the woodwork to dig at her.

No sirree that shit does not fly.

I BEEN SAYING THIS ABOUT HIM!!! I swear I try to love him, but he keep shitting on Black girls & I stopped trying. The funny thing is that last time I tried to call him out for this exact same bs (and I used the exact same examples), a guy got really angry at me and swore up and down that I was overreacting. But Idk maybe I’m the crazy one

One of my guy friends said he related to him because black girls didn’t like him either cause he wasn’t a thug.. Same old sob story and excuse for preferring other women and shitting on us

I think the “nice guy/fedoras” for white dudes is the “not a thug/nerds” for Black guys. Both excuse their personal shittiness to blame girls for not liking them.

Exactly! I don’t have to like yo whack ass. And idk why they immediately think white girls and other women of color are gonna like they geek ass. It’s just another excuse to shit on us.


when he was a young warthog… simba ate pumbaa. circle of life and all. photos by trix jonker from the addo elephant park in the eastern cape province of south africa.

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'Aurora Rainbow' by Cj Kale

True story


All hail… 




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